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1742 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC 20007


“I was born for this” –Chichie  


Seeded on Capitol Hill and matured in Georgetown, Chichie’s Grooming Spa was founded to fill the need for well-designed and ethical canine grooming in the nation’s capital.  However, before Chichie welcomed her first Hill clients, her concept was formed years prior, following a negative styling experience with her Standard Poodle and a pet groomer.  After this incident, she made the decision that the experience would never be repeated.  Determined, a teenaged Chichie groomed, sculpted and honed her craft by initially using her beloved Standard Poodle as her first true “client”.  Attending dog shows regularly since age 12, Chichie’s knowledge base and grooming expertise continued to develop and comprised multiple, varied breeds by her adult years.  Later, as both a business owner and mother, as Chichie’s establishment matured, so did the interest of her 2 daughters.  From their mother’s tutelage, both daughters have also become respected groomers, providing services locally and nationally.

Today, Chichie’s Grooming Spa’s clientele proudly reflects long-time customers as well as new canine friends.  From the boundaries of Washington D.C. and New York, to the south of France and beyond the Netherlands, Chichie’s pet clients represent all walks of life and individual needs.  Sporting breeds, toys, mixed pedigrees and of course, Poodles…Chichie’s dogs have been groomed and loved, all over the world.